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The Brat - L'IMAGE

With a resume that boasts sessions

and tours with the likes of Chick

Corea to Eric Clapton to Steely Dan to

Paul McCartney to James Taylor to

Paul Simon to you-name them,

Steve Gadd has put his indelible stamp

on rock, jazz, blues, fusion and pop.

If there's a form of music he hasn't

played, chances are it hasn't yet

been invented.


John Beck


"From the moment I heard
him play, I knew he was special...
and he never let me down. 

Forty-four years ago, I walked

into Levis music store in Rochester,
New York to hear this
kid play
snare drum...standing in
the corner of the studio
a young man in front of a

drum pad with a pair of snare
drum sticks
in his hands. I
said play something  
for me...
he did and from that moment
on, I knew
he was special...
that young man
was Steve Gadd.

Here is a memory of
Steve's Eastman School of Music
Performer's Certificate/Senior
Recital performed on February
16, 1968 in Kilbourn Hall: 
recitals are
attended by a small
number of students. For Steve’s

recital, the 450 seat Kilbourn
Hall was standing room 
only. The
featured work on the program
was The Eleventh Commandment

(Thou Shall Swing) by Chuck
Mangione. Some of the players
in the piece
were: Vincent Dimartino,
Gerald Niewood and Tony Levin.

It was conducted by Chuck
It was a big success.

On a personal note: Steve

has accomplished a lot. He did
it in a style that i admire...he
did it musically, drumistically
and with a sense of humility.
He was
not out to show how well
he can play...but he put the music
first...put it in the pocket...

and that is to be admired
in today's

-John Beck

Steve Gadd at Catalina's in Hollywood, CA
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