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Drummer. Producer. Legend.
Edge Of The World - L'IMAGE

7 Decades of Drumming... 

...70 Strong!

British jazz drummer

Pete Fairclough said

that Steve Gadd
"doesn't play a groove,

he digs a trench."

At the peak of his work in

the New York session scene in

the 1970s, he claims he playing three

sessions a day, giving a decade of

rock music a deep and gentle funkiness.

His best known works are the brain-

bending syncopation of Paul Simon's

"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" and the

slurping hi-hats and monster

fills on Steely Dan's  "Aja," but Gadd

has breathed giddy groove into

hundreds of recordings including Van

McCoy's Number One disco

sensation "The Hustle." "Every

drummer wants to play like Gadd

because he plays perfect," said Chick

Corea. "He has brought orchestral
and compositional thinking to the

drum kit while at the same
time having a great imagination

and a great ability

to swing."

-Rolling Stone 100 Greatest

Drummers of All Time

GALLERY: 1940's-1950's

Steve, Eddie, & Kendall Gadd 1949

Steve Gadd - 1940's

Steve Gadd was born April 9th,

1945 in Rochester , N.Y.

Four years later he started

his first private studies with 
Elmer Frolig at Levis Music,

which was right across the 
street from The Eastman

School Of Music.

"My uncle Eddie fostered my

interest in drums. He gave
me a pair of sticks and showed

me how to handle them. We’d

sit together and play along

with records on a piece of

wood. My late father,

Kendall Gadd, would take me
to clubs in Rochester. I got a

chance to hear a lot of
great bands that passed

through town."
-Steve Gadd

*Above Photo: Steve & Eddie with their Father (1949).

GALLERY: 1980's-1990's

Steve Gadd & James Taylor

Paul Simon

Steve's career was
literally in overdrive,
doing Paul Simon's
One Trick Pony movie
and then
Grover Washington's
 Live At The Tower Theatre
video. Recordings with
Weather Report, The
Bee Gee's, Manhattan Transfer,
Al Jarreau and Rickie
Lee Jones continued at
a staggering rate. 

Dr. Steve Gadd - Modern Drummer 2017

GALLERY: 1960's-1970's

Count Basie & Steve Gadd 1961

Steve Gadd - 1960's

Count Basie & Steve Gadd - 1961

Steve Gadd’s parents
took him to local clubs
in Rochester to enjoy live
performances from some
of the jazz greats,
Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz,

Max Roach, Art Blakey,
Oscar Peterson, Kai
Carmen McCrae,

and Count Basie.

GALLERY: 2000's-2010's

Peter Gabriel


Steve played
Jame's Taylor's

October Road,
recorded in
Rochester, NY.

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