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Drummer. Producer. Legend.

Live at Voce is the debut CD

from Steve Gadd & Friends, a band
that has been touring sporadically

since  2007. Even though Gadd is
a master of all genres, it's
easy to tell that this is the
type of music he truly enjoys
playing the most. The music seems

to effortlessly breathe with its

deep grooves and emotional
Live at Voce

was recorded in an intimate

setting in Scottsdale, Arizona,

at Voce's Lounge. If you listen
with headphones on, it's as if the
is playing right
in front of you.

In addition, the album features

two remarkable bonus tracks by
Steve Gadd and Edie Brickell. Steve

and Edie combine their unique
talents on two electrifying tracks

available only on the Live At Voce

physical release.


Steve Gadd & Friends 2010

SGF Live At Voce Deluxe (2010)

The chemistry between

Gadd and Cuber stems

from years together in

the Gadd Gang, and both

stand out on a vibrant

take of Buddy Miles’

“Them Changes.”

Bollenback’s break

shows his bop chops

before Cuber quotes


and Michael Jackson

during a brilliant solo,

all as Gadd expertly alternates

between funk and swing

feels.“Georgia on My Mind”

gives the underrated Cuber

a chance to sing the gorgeous

vocal melody through his

horn, and “Sister Sadie”

includes explosive volleys
between Gadd and DeFrancesco,

making listeners wish they’d

been at the Scottsdale, Ariz.,

restaurant on this night in

late 2009. Two bonus studio

tracks with singer Edie

Brickell-including “Here

I Am Now,” which compels

with just vocals and drums-
make for a tasty dessert.

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