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Never So Far Away - THE GADDABOUTS
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 "I think it’s God-given
with a lot of hard work. Do
you know whatI mean? It’s
God- given in that you’ve got
something that you love to
do and then you need a

tremendous amount of
support from your family,
a tremendous amount of
encouragement, and you
need some luck and good fortune
to go with it and I had that because
professionals that I met growing
up encouraging me
and letting me
sit in."

-Steve Gadd



Richard Tee


LOUIE BELLSON Bellson was an
Italian-American jazz drummer.
He was a composer, arranger,
and jazz educator,
and is credited with pioneering

the use of two bass drums.


He performed on more than 200
albums with such
greats as
Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny
Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Harry
James, Woody Herman, Sarah
Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar
Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie,
Louie Armstrong, Lionel Hampton,
James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr.,
Tony Bennett, Mel Torme,
Joe Williams,
Wayne Newton and
Bellson’s late wife Pearl Bailey.


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