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Drummer. Producer. Legend.
Boogie On Reggae Woman - STUFF

Stuff was an American, 

New York City-based 

jazz-funk band active

in the late 1970s and early

1980s. The members were 

Gordon Edwards (bass), 

Richard Tee (keyboards), 

Eric Gale (guitar), 

Cornell Dupree (guitar), 

Chris Parker (drums),

and later 

Steve Gadd (drums)

Stuff was associated with

 Mikell's, the New York

jazz club where session musicians

 would meet up for jam sessions
with visiting soul,

jazz and funk stars.




"Steve Gadd came by one

night to sit in with us, as
did Eric Gale, and they both

became a part of the band.
We were rolling heavy, and

one night I was approached

by Michael Lang, the gentleman

who put on Woodstock, who

said he was sure he could get

us a record deal – were we

interested. Sure enough

Warner Bros. flew in from 

California to hear us live.

They liked us, but we couldn’t

use the name The Encyclopedia

of Soul – it was too long.

I remember we were in a diner

that was on the corner by 

Atlantic Records one day; there

was me, Michael Lang, Cornell

Dupree and Erma Dupree and

we were trying to decide what we

would call the band. It was

Erma who said, "You know Gordon,

you always call everybody stuff,

I don’t care who it is.
You should call the band


-Gordon Edwards

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